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Focal FSP 8 Skaitmeninis Signalų Procesorius 8 kanalai, aukštos raiškos skaitmeninis įėjimas (24 bits/192kHz) dažnių juosta (digital crossover off/-3dB) 5Hz - 21kHz | Nemokamas Pristatymas

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Focal FSP 8 Skaitmeninis Signalų Procesorius  8 kanalai, aukštos raiškos skaitmeninis įėjimas (24 bits/192kHz) dažnių juosta (digital crossover off/-3dB) 5Hz - 21kHz | Nemokamas Pristatymas


8-Kanalų skaitmeninis signalų procesorius- aukščiausias lygis Jūsų automobilio garso sistemai!

FSP-8 is the ultimate digital tool to optimise and shape the audio signal... High-resolution sound quality, compatible inputs/outputs, a user interface designed for and by acoustic experts, FSP-8 is the ultimate tool for the most demanding installations.

How could we create the best product on the market for connecting your head unit to your amplifier system? How could we make it possible for you to shape and fine-tune the audio spectrum to create your very own musical experience?

Even if most vehicles today are equipped with a standard audio system, the most demanding sound enthusiasts want unique, high-quality audio for their car.

They want to build their system, step by step and have full control over each element of the audio story. The DSP (Digital Signal Processor) is an essential tool in achieving this.


Equipped with six selectable high and low level inputs, the FSP-8 is fully compatible with both factory head units and aftermarket solutions. It also features an optical digital input (24bits/192kHz) to provide high-resolution sound quality.


The FSP-8 is equipped with an additional auxiliary input, allowing the user to connect all types of media devices to the audio system (digital music players, smartphones etc.)


Whether it’s for controlling FLAX speaker drivers, the latest K2 POWER line or UTOPIA BE speaker drivers, as many as eight 3.4V outputs will enable you to fine-tune all the essential settings of your car audio architecture. 


The FSP-8 DSP MANAGER is our user interface for controlling the FSP-8 from a laptop.

Its design was inspired by the solutions used to perfect the audio systems in production vehicles manufactured by Focal’s partners.

In just a few clicks, the four main screens will give you access to all the strategic settings, reducing setup time and optimising your listening sessions.


  • Inputs Low-level input sensitivity (Analog and Aux) 1.2V – 4.9V
  • High-level input sensitivity (Analog and Aux) 4.8V – 20.6V
  • Digital input formats supported (optical) up to 24 bits/192kHz
  • Outputs Number of channels 8 Max. output (with 10kΩ) level 3.4V
  • Frequency response (digital crossover off/-3dB) 5Hz - 21kHz
  • Signal/noise ratio -90dBA (analogue input) -99dBA (optical)
  • Harmonic distortion - 10kΩ - @1kHz (with 22kHz low-pass filter) 0.02%
  • Crosstalk - 4Ω - @1kHz -78dB Gain adjustment range 64dB
  • Equaliser 10 bands, each fully customisable for each channel
  • Adjustable high-pass crossover 16Hz - 20kHz
  • Adjustable low-pass crossover 16Hz - 20kHz
  • Adjustable bandpass crossover 16Hz - 20kHz
  • Latency adjustment range 0-22ms per channel
  • Latency adjustment steps 0.1ms Phase inverter ✓
  • General Easy Configuration ✓
  • Dynamic help ✓
  • Power consumption on standby (product on, no signal, 14.4 Vin) 0.7A (0.73 A with remote)
  • Power consumption OFF (14.4 Vin, remote OFF) < 50µA
  • Remote control Sold separately
  • Protection Polarity inverter Weight 3lbs (1.35kg)
  • Dimensions : (LxWxH) 89/16"x57/16"x17/8" (21.8cmx13.8cmx4.8cm)

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